What is BestMixer.io and how does it work?

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BestMixer.io is the best way to stay anonymous while transferring bitcoins. If you need to perform an anonymous transaction in the bitcoin network, then you can use this mixer that guarantees your complete confidentiality online.

The principle of work ofBestMixer.io

All conducted bitcoin-transactions are combined together into one permanent public record. With the blockchain technology, you can track transactions for transferring funds from one address to another. The task of the bitcoin mixer is to break the chain between your old address and the new one, sending funds so that they first get to other users while their funds get to you. Thus, there is a mixing of different means with each other to entangle the trace from the original source.

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As a result, we get random transaction amounts, which increases the time delays. It is because of delays that the connection between the initial and final address of the transaction is broken.

As a result, the service protects your information, and, most importantly, it does not allow you to track the payments on the internet.

Advantages of the service

BestMixer.io has the following advantages:

  • Aproven mixing algorithm
  • An encrypted connection
  • No user account required
  • No logs are kept
  • An automatic recovery in case of a failure
  • Transaction processing in real time

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