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K-LaserThe Future is NOW and it's called the K-Laser

K-laser is the next generation of laser therapy. K-Laser's innovative laser technology synchronizes high power dual wavelength infrared lasers in a single beam. The combined wavelengths expand the therapeutic value of the laser for the reduction of edema, inflammation and pain. Higher power class IV lasers have shorter treatment times and achieve better results, than other lasers.

The Photos are a demonstration of the power of
K-Laser. Looking through an Infrared camera you can clearly see the power that is produced by the laser. In Photo #3 the K-Laser's double Infrared wavelength is turned on to show the power that is being emitted from the K-Laser. In this photo you can see the depth the laser is penetrating into the hand.


Class IV Laser Provides the following benefits:

  • The first FDA approved dual IR Laser
  • Advanced pain relief therapy without side effects
  • An increase in local blood flow to reduce muscle spasms & joint stiffness
  • Safety first. Proper safety goggles for both the operator and patient is included with every K-Laser purchase


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